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The Ultimate Skin Care Treatment

The Face

More than any other, the secret of beauty lies in skin care. Such precise and targeted care that a facial becomes the highlight of skin treatments.


Customized Facials

European facial
We begin with a personalized skin analysis.  This service includes deep cleansing, exfoliating, light extractions, and an application of a soothing mask that relaxes the face. Finish with a gentle neck and shoulder massage. 4 or More series 15% off.

50 Mins $80 & Up Series of 3 $216
30 Mins (No Extractions) $55 Series of 3 $148

Back Facial
A therapeutic high-intensity treatment that cleanses, tones, moisturizes, and balances the skin on the back.  This fabulous treatment gives skin an immediate and lasting firmness, smooth texture and a healthy glow.  Includes exfoliation, deep cleansing, mask application, and careful extractions. Your back will feel silky smooth. 4 or More series 15% off.

50 Mins $95 Series of 3 $256

Multivitamin Facial
The most powerful antioxidant (combined vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation). Works effectively to improve aging skin. This treatment stimulates skins vital functions, repairs cell damage, Caused by sun exposure and environmental conditions, brightens a dull complexion and lifts, firms smoothyes and revives the skin. 4 or More series 15% off.

50 Mins $95 Series of 3 $256

Purifying Facial
A special treatment designed to detox, clear pores, reduce acne and blemishes.  Congestion is alleviated through deep cleansing, exfoliation and careful extraction.  Excellent for acne prone clients and those needing additional extractions. 4 or More series 15% off.

60 Mins $95 Series of 3 $256

Specialized Facials

Vitamin C Jelly Masque Facial
Anti-aging specialty masque that encourages collagen production. This nourishing vitamin C brightening treatment provides relief to red and blemished skin, supports skins defense against UV damage, and promotes even skin tone for a natural healthy glow. 4 or More series 15% off.

65Mins $110 Series of 3 $325

Collagen Jelly Masque Facial
This skin plumping treatment helps to gently lift dead skin cells while softening and rejuevenating the skin. The cooling masque improves moisture retention, suppleness and elasticity. Great for pre-mature and aging skin.4 or More series 15% off.

65 Mins $110 Series of 3 $325

Calming Jelly Masque Facial
Calming, soothing, and cooling the calming jelly masque is great for sensitive/sensitized and or acne prone skin. It reduces redness and inflammation while gently exfoliating the skin.

65 Mins $110 Series of 3 $325

Cool Soothing Jelly Masque Facial
This hydrating cool facial treatment instantly cools and refreshens skin. With consistent treatments can tighten enlarged pores. It also improves blood circulation and increases oxygen supply to dehydrated and/or suffocated skin.

65 Mins $110 Series of 3 $325

Facial Enhancements

High Frequency

A holistic heat and electricity treatment that with continuous use heals ance scaring,minimizes breakouts, also smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Add On $15 Mini Treatment 40

Essential Oils

Powerful plant based oils that cater to many different skin concerns and conditions. Such as acne, aging, dry, irritated, and pigmented skin.

Add on Single oil $15 Add on 2-3 oils $25



Wax Treatment

Smooth Honey & Cream Waxing*

Eyebrows $15 Full Arm $60
Lip  $12 Half Leg $40
Chin  $12 Full Leg $60
Cheeks $15 Bikini $35
Full Face  $45 Brazilian $75
Under Arm $20 Full Back $75
Half Arm $30 Full Leg & Bikini $90

*Prices may vary for Upper Back, Shoulders, Chest or Abdomen.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage
This light to medium pressure massage is perfect for overall stress reduction and relaxation.  Includes a personalized consultation: 4 or More series 15% off.

50 Mins $100 Series of 3 $255
90 Mins $120 Series of 3 $306
30 Mins $55 Series of 3 $125




Classic Head Massage Treatment
For therapeutic benefits, the scalp is massaged with hydrating shampoo.  Warm sesame and essential oil is applied to enhance blood circulation.  Relax while the scalp and hair are nourished by a steam treatment.
(Blow Dry or set is additional cost)

30 Mins 55$ Series of 3 $140

Mood Enhanching Scalp Massage

aUsing pure therapeutic grade Doterra Essential oil Bergamont enjoy a relaxing scalp massageto reduce stress, uplift mood, and increase blood circulation.

15 Mins $25 Series of 3 $60
30Mins $55 Series of 3 $140








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