Hot Stone Pedicure

Relax with this unbelievably satisfying treatment. The hot stone experience has all of the benefits of our basic pedicure with the addition of hot stones applied to the soles of the feet for deeper relaxation of tired feet. Your whole body will benefit from it.

$65    50 mins

Romance and Roses Nail Treatment 

Pamper your hands and feet.  Begin with soaking in warm bubbly effervescent soak, followed by a Rose Pedal Scrub with pumice.  Relax in warming mitts while a silky moisturizing cream penetrates deep into the skin leaving hands and feet smooth and soft.*

$85    1 hr 30 mins

*Romance and Roses Pedicure only 

$55           50 mins

*Romance and Roses Manicure only 

$40           40 mins

Delicious Chocolate Nail Treatment

Imagine your hands and feet soaking in a warm bath of chocolate aromas followed by a brown sugar exfoliating scrub and a chocolate pudding moisturizing masque ending with a chocolate oil massage to soften the skin*

$85             1 hr 30 mins

*Delicious Chocolate Pedicure only 

$55           50 mins

*Delicious Chocolate Manicure only 

$40           50 mins

Delux Hands and Feet Treatment

Relax with one of our calming scents of pure ingredients.  Choose from a variety of aromas, lavender aphrodisiac, geranium sage and green tea mint.  Begin this therapy treatment with a skin cleansing and a soak in essential oils and Dead Sea salt.  An exfoliating scrub, masque and Parraffin dip followed by a hydrating cream that is gently massaged into the skin leaving it supple and moisturized for hours.*

$95             2 hr 30 mins

*Delux Pedicure only 

$75           1hr 15mins

*Delux Manicure only 

$40           1hr 15mins

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Nail Enhancements

Classic Manicure $20
Classic Pedicure $40
Classic Manicure/Pedicure  $55
French Manicure/Pedicure Hands  $30,  Feet   $55,  Combination   $75
Polish Change Hands   $10    Feet   $20
Paraffin Dip    Hands $10       Feet   $20

Hands & Feet

Hands and Feet are often the parts of the body that signify good health and well-being. Properly groomed nails are an ideal way to make the right first impression.